SOFTAGRI has developed a range of nonwovens specifically for crop protection and biological and temperature monitoring. Our different additives and treatments allow first-rate yields and optimal sustainability solutions for each crop type.

SOFTAGRI manufacturers products for a given crop location, conditions of growth, soil conditions and for specific environmental characteristics.

Root control bags can be adapted for use in garden centres, for seed growth, promote transplanting, prevent loss of nutrients and speed up crop growth.

Crop protection bags: repel insects, promote homogeneous cropping and crop yields. They are able to be insecticide-impregnated in order to guarantee success at harvest.

Reflective Spunbound™: absorbs radiation during the day and transfers it to crops at night.

Post-harvest solutions: Various benefits linked to agricultural products transportation and preservation, such as isothermal bags as pallet shrouds or protective covering for refrigerated trucks.

Micro-climate condition crop-control
Temperature reduction for exterior crop growth
Thrip and whitefly pest control
Heavy rainfall and hailstone damage protection

Maximal 150 g/m2
Available colors: red, blue, yellow and other various colors
Maximum roll width: 320 cm
UV stabilization

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SOFTTECH has modern polypropylene extrusion facilities in Casablanca.
SOFTTECH manufacturers high-tech Spunbound™ nonwoven fabrics which meet the demands of several different sectors.

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300 m
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