Nonwovens are used as external coverings on upholstered furniture, cushions and pillowcases. They’re also used in sprung- or foam mattress manufacture, sofa and divan production, for visible surface finishes or for final layer mattress protectors.
Nonwovens are also used as clothing and slip covers

Nonwoven fabrics have replaced the more costly and traditional outside fabric cover. Nonwovens also have a greater softness of touch and durability. As a component in the lower part of sofas, they add to the feeling of comfort and help prevent insect ingress, mold growth and any proliferation of damp.
Nonwovens can also be used as a bolster for foam and other wood frame padding materials. Nonwovens increase furniture life cycles.

SOFTTECH workshops have a high yield production capability and are flexible to meet your mattresses, suit coves, table cloth, storage and other wardrobing needs.

Insect protection, mold and damp
Protection of hidden areas
Economical and sustainable
SoftTECH, eco-friendly, breathable, recyclable

10-150 g/m2
Maximum roll width :320 cm
More than 30 colors available
Simple or up to 4 color continuous printing

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SOFTTECH has modern polypropylene extrusion facilities in Casablanca.
SOFTTECH manufacturers high-tech Spunbound™ nonwoven fabrics which meet the demands of several different sectors.

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300 m
600 m

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