Since the launch of its activity, Soft Tech has been engaged in the manufacture of non-woven fabric for agricultural use, specifically for crop protection & biological & temperature monitoring. Our different additives & treatments allow first-rate yields & optimal sustainability solutions for each crop type.

To meet agriculture sector’s need, we developed main products :

Crop cover

Our product ensures biological monitoring & temperature control both outdoors & greenhouses for the most delicate crops & contribute to crop quality improvement through the creation of a  suitable growth environment

  • UV protection & solar filtering
  • Frost protection & temperature increase to 5 °C
  • Rain & hail defense allows essential rainwater to reach crops
  • Increase precocity of cropping giving a 100% crop yield
  • 30-110 gsm
  • Maximum roll width : 3,2 m
  • Natural color : white, or other color available
  • Variable additive application up to 300 kly (kilo Langley) dependent upon crop & exposure area
  • Standard UV radiation resistance 150 kly

Weed control fabric

Weed control fabric helps avoiding light filtering, cancel chlorophyllase weed activity, block weed growth, promote evapi-transpiration & reduce sail erosion

  • Crop weed control
  • Non-use of chemical products against weed growth
  • High reduction environmental impact
  • Soil erosion reduced
  • Evaporation reduced
  • 30-110 gsm
  • Natural color, white or other color available
  • Maximum roll width : 3,2 m
  • UV stabilisation

Shading fabric 

Shading fabric provide higher level solar irradiation regulation throught plant light reception management. It is possible to impact crop growth through the use of different colors of shading fabrics

  • Micro-climate condition crop-control
  • Temperature reduction for exterior crop growth
  • Thrip & whitefly pest control
  • Heavy rainfall & hailstone damage protection
  • Maximum of 150 gsm
  • Available colors : red, blue, yellow or other color
  • UV stabilization
  • Maximum roll width : 3,2 m